Our founders started MercyCare more than 170 years ago with the vision of creating a more equal, caring and compassionate community for all Western Australians, no matter who they are.

We’re proud to continue this legacy today by offering over 40 services which connect, strengthen and develop potential for WA families & youth.

Our priority areas are : Nurturing children who cannot live with their own families. Realising the potential of youth at risk (incl. teenage mums and babies) Assisting refugees and new migrants to independence

MercyCare believes that every person matters and our vision is to enable individuals and communities to thrive.


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AUD $2

Breakfast For Bub

Give little ones the nutrients and energy needed to grow and develop. We work with young mothers who've faced hardship so they can provide... Read More

AUD $10

Ignite Imaginations

Books are  such a magical gift for children, transporting them to different worlds and building their vocabulary, memory, concentration a... Read More

AUD $20

Getting Around

Getting to school, work or job interviews is important when you're trying to get life your life on track. This gift provides young people who a... Read More

AUD $25

Self Care

Everyone deserves a little pampering, whether it's using a nice smelling body wash, relaxing with a face mask or simply soothing your skin with... Read More

AUD $30

Healthy Living Starts At Home

Healthy food can be quick and easy, you just need to know what ingredients to use and how to throw it all together. At Carlow House, we work with y... Read More

AUD $30

A Seat To Eat

When people escape domestic violence or family conflict they don't always get a chance to take anything with them. This gift provides a high ch... Read More