Stitch's Story

This is the tale of one cat who is lucky to be alive.

With an 10cm long wound in his neck, most likely the result of a cat fight, the poor young puss would not have survived long on the streets without the quick combined efforts of a good Samaritan, an emergency vet hospital and the RSPCA.

Found on the streets of Springvale in October 2016 with an open wound across his throat, the two-year-old stray required pain relief and antibiotics from an emergency vet before he was transferred into the care of the RSPCA Victoria veterinarian team at Burwood East.

Treating vet Dr Isobel Martin completed the surgery and said he was lucky to be alive.

“He came to us just in time – he would not have survived without veterinary intervention,” Dr Martin said.

“He was brought in with a 10cm laceration with muscles exposed, oozing pus. We were able to suture the wound but unfortunately it became infected, which delayed his recovery. It took weeks of care to get him eating and looking better, but he’s a different cat now.”

RSPCA Victoria Animal Care Manager Liz Walker said that while people often thought of stray cats as some sort of resilient, street-tough animal, the reality was quite different.

“Many people think cats are able to care for themselves and don’t always need a home. But while some cats might be fairly independent they still need someone to look after them – cats are not invincible,” said Ms Walker.

“Despite his trauma, Stitch has always been a friendly and cooperative little cat who won the hearts of everyone involved in his care. And although we will miss him, we were thrilled when he was adopted by a lovely family who will care for Stitch and give him the real home he deserves.”

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