Scooby's Story

When Scooby cried out for help, he must have thought no one heard him. He was hungry, freezing cold and in pain, but when he barked, no one came.

His owners stayed sitting in their house just yards away with their other dog—the one that terrified Scooby. But thankfully someone did hear. And they called the RSPCA.

RSPCA Victoria Inspector Sarah acted straightaway when she got the report of a thin brown dog, who wasn’t being cared for properly. Inspector Sarah had to visit Scooby three times before she discovered the truth. Scooby was being forced to live in a filthy, squalid space down the side of the house. He wasn’t allowed back in the house since being attacked by his owners’ other dog. And he had wounds all over his body.

Scooby might have thought his owners simply gave up on him. They’d dumped him in the back yard and left him alone with an abscess on his neck where a bite had gotten infected. If left untreated it could have killed him.

If Inspector Sarah hadn’t been so dedicated to getting to the truth, Scooby might not be alive today. That’s why we need to ensure our team out on the road, in the vet clinic, and the shelter have everything they need to step in quickly and save lives. Because of donors, an animal like Scooby could finally be heard. An RSPCA Victoria Inspector could rescue them, then take them to safety where we could get them on the road to recovery.

Scooby was fostered and made good progress, and when his foster carer was going on holiday, a Veterinary Behaviourist at the RSPCA offered to temporarily look after him. She didn’t expect Scooby to find a permanent place in her heart, but it wasn’t long before she had fallen in love with him and knew his forever home was with her.


Now he plays with his toys then snuggles up with his new family when they’re watching a movie. He goes for walks in the local nature reserve and has even done some training, and his humans report they are just so glad to have the sweet boy in their lives.

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