Thankyou for your support.

Your workplace giving contributions throughout 2017 have helped us reach thousands of people every day – around Australia and across the world.

Imagine strong, resilient and welcoming communities – across Australia, Asia Pacific and the world – where everyone can thrive, no matter what challenges they face.


Imagine if people were supported by their communities and built on their strengths to overcome hardship and crisis.


Imagine if millions of Australians gave their time and skills to collaborate and volunteer with us to make all this happen.


This is the vision of Australian Red Cross, and with your workplace giving contributions throughout 2017, you have helped reach thousands of people every day – around Australia and across the world.


Each day we work alongside others. We talk to thousands of people to brighten their day, focus on the health of indigenous youth, help young parents realise better futures for themselves and their children and teach people how to drive through our Learner Driver Mentoring program. We also work within communities supporting and encouraging residents to lead the changes they want.


We are proud of what was achieved last year and proud to have you sharing this vision and working alongside us to achieve it.


Here’s just some of what you achieved in 2017.

  • You helped us make more than 780,500 phone calls to ensure the health and well-being of people choosing to live independently despite their age, frailty or disability.

  • You helped deliver First Aid and Mental Health training to 50,000 students.

  • You helped us make more than 45,900 trips to support people living without the care and contact of family or nearby friends.

  • You gave us the resources to assist 6,981 asylum seekers.

  • You ensured we were ready to respond in an emergency, and we were there for 36 major incidents and disasters.


In 2017 you ensured Red Cross was there to help the thousands of people who need us every single day.


Thank you.

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