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Almost a year on from Cyclone Debbie, your payroll deductions are still helping affected communities and families.

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“Don’t ever think it’s not going to happen to me… you just never know”


Your regular giving to Australian Red Cross helped us be on the ground when Tropical Cyclone Debbie crossed the Queensland coast and caused widespread damage and flooding last year.


Almost a year on, your payroll deductions are still helping affected communities and families.


With your support we’ve helped more than 26,000 people and place 687 trained emergency services workers in towns, like Lismore, going through recovery.


Six months after the cyclone, Lismore businessman John Nolan was still coming to terms with what



John lost $100,000 worth of stock and equipment and damage to his building was estimated at $60,000.


A seasoned emergency worker with 30 years’ experience as a marine rescue volunteer, and 15 years in the fire service, John said he didn’t see what was coming.


“In something like this you should never ever be complacent,” he said.


“Don’t ever think it’s not going to happen to me because you just never know.”


Your support kept our emergency hub in Lismore open for three months following the wet weather and flooding that accompanied the Cyclone Debbie weather system further north.


Close to where Cyclone Debbie made landfall, Emmanuel Vella, of Drapers Siding, near Mackay, watched his house disappear under floodwaters.


Everything stored under his house was destroyed. He lost two vehicles, a ride-on mower, washing machine, dryer, pool table and countless other small items valuable only to him.


“Do not rely on past cyclones; do not rely on past heights. When you go through a few cyclones and not much happens you get familiar and, as the saying goes, “familiarity breeds contempt”.


Your regular donations kept us on the ground in Mackay where we recruited, trained and deployed new staff to continue the recovery work.


Mother-of-four Tanya Hornsby panicked when the river on her property burst its banks as a result of the rain that followed Cyclone Debbie.


“I sort of don’t cope. I put a pillow over my head, I have to admit, thinking if I didn’t hear it, it wasn’t there.”


Our work in the Mackay region, covering Eton, is ongoing. Staff are working with individuals, families, business, industry and government to help people recover and plan for future emergencies.


By giving to Australian Red Cross through Good Company you are preparing Australian communities for disaster and committing to be with them through the worst of it, both during and after. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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