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Thousands of people like Annabel urgently need Your Support

Annabel is a vibrant 32-year-old young lady with moderate and limiting cerebral palsy.  She needs elbow crutches to walk and a scooter to get around.  She is limited in what she can lift and must stick to activities she can do.

Up until Annabel was 28, she had been unable to find a job despite trying relentlessly for 6 years.

“I felt down and depressed as I couldn’t find work and kept getting rejection after rejection.  I kept getting told I didn’t have any experience, but no one would give me a chance to get any.”

A friend invited her to concert of the With One Voice Choirs at the Town Hall.  Annabel was inspired by this experience and in 2014 Annabel joined the With One Voice Melbourne program and hasn’t looked back.

“I am passionate about singing and joined the program to meet new people and improve my networks. Singing also has a lot of positive benefits, including improving self-esteem and encouraging people to do things that they may have been told they can’t do.

“At my second rehearsal I made a wish for help to improve my resume and for employment. A fellow choir member came up to me straight away and volunteered his time to help me improve my resume, and the choir gave me the confidence to persevere in searching for work.”

The support from the choir members, the singing and performing built Annabel’s confidence and a few months later she landed her first job at a call centre.

8 weeks later, when she lost that job just before Christmas, she turned up to choir rehearsal shattered.

“I couldn’t stop crying and announced to the choir that I had lost my job.  I was really upset.  I made another wish to find a good ongoing job. At that rehearsal, I was introduced to a lady who said she might be able to help and she ended up employing me.  I was so excited. I was in that job for 3 years and I loved it. That’s the longest I’ve been in a job and my confidence has really grown over that 3 years.”

In October last year, Annabel moved out of home and is living independently in an apartment. She also managed to sponsor another disadvantaged and isolated person to join the life-changing choir program through The Giving Circle. Annabel is full of life and is now on a mission to find her next job.       

“I feel confident to able to find another job now.  I have taken on a volunteer role at the Melbourne choir, coordinating the Wishlist program to help other participants get their wishes granted. I feel more fulfilled and socially connected and socialise with a few of the choir members that have similar interests.  The choir transformed my life and I feel so empowered.” Annabel, With One Voice Choir

Be inspired by testimonials from other With One Voice choir members and read their transformational stories

The With One Voice Choir program transforms lives.

We are changing the world, one voice at a time.

We bring the fortunate and marginalised together as ONE community to reduce inequality using the incredible neuro-scientific benefits of group singing. We empower people to care for one another and solve problems locally.

But there are still hundreds of thousands of Australians who are lonely and socially isolated.  Statistics show that 2 in 5 people feel socially isolated and unheard, with 1 in 5 people now on antidepressants. This isolation leads to serious mental and physical health issues and great economic disadvantage.

These people risk being left behind.

They need your help now.

It costs $500 per year for people to join and participate in a life-changing With One Voice choir.

Through our innovative social franchise model, we aim to have thousands of people join one of our 40 With One Voice choirs in Australian communities by the end of 2020.  

Please sponsor one or many people in need to join a With One Voice choir and help put an end to loneliness and social isolation.

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