Bring more good to the world

For Sara volunteering has changed her life, brought meaning to her days but also had a positive ripple effect through her community

Bring more good to the world

“Connect those who need time with those who have a little extra”


Sara, 28, has autism, and, according to her mother Debbie, was finding it difficult to fill her days in a meaningful way. But Red Cross creates opportunities for people with disabilities to volunteer – and Sara began to visit an elderly lady at an aged care home once a week.


The volunteer role gave Sara a chance to share some qualities that might have otherwise remained hidden: patience, empathy, and a lovely sense of humour.


“She became so popular with all the residents that rather than just visiting one, she’s visiting quite a few individuals,” her mum Debbie said.


“These people have given their whole lives to their families and their children, and yet a lot of them find themselves very lonely. Sara’s quite willing to sit there and listen and have a little laugh with them and interact with them,” she said.


Sara recognised that some of the older people didn’t have many visitors and because of the support given by Red Cross Sara had also been volunteering at a childcare centre: she saw a beautiful possibility.


With help, she arranged a day where residents in care could connect with the little ones at the chidcare centre.


According to Debbie, it was magical.


“The elderly got a big kick and the little ones were in awe of them. It was a lovely day. There was one lady, she was in her element with all those kids. She just loved it. Such a big smile, you know.”


For Sara, the volunteer opportunity has changed her life, brought meaning to her days but also had a positive ripple effect through her community.


Thanks to the support of open-hearted and open-minded people like you, Australian Red Cross connected Sara with the residents of her local aged care home and now, every week, Sara visits her new friends to listen to their stories, share a laugh and even paint their nails.


Sara makes them feel good. The residents look forward to seeing Sara’s warm smile every week – and Sara wakes up every morning with a sense of purpose fuelled by the connections and friendships she has made.


“It is such simple stuff. Who could think such simple things could make so many people happy.” Debbie said.


Every day Sara brings more good to her world. Please, will you join her? Your workplace giving helps create connections that can enrich a whole community.


Sara’s story is a powerful reminder of what can happen when people are given the opportunity to connect with their strengths and their community.


Your support for Red Cross helps connect people like Sara with the things they need – whether that’s other people in their community, their own individual strength and resilience, or simple life-saving basics like clean water and sanitation.


When we connect people to what they need, we bring more good to the world.


Help us bring more good to the world

Your giving connects isolated people with a volunteer for companionship and friendship

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