A good luck story

Freddie was just one of the cats we rescued last year.  Here is his story.

When you wish upon a star it makes no difference who you are...or conversely, if you are a can  always swallow a wishbone.   For mine, I would try the star though.

Freddie came on to our radar via social media.  A member of our facebook page told us he was visiting a neighbor’s house around six o clock each night.  Freddie was in distress; crying, hungry and extremely thin.   The resident did not want him there.

The neighbor who contacted us felt terribly sorry for Freddie but due to her personal situation  she could not take him in.  Since he was literally starving he was easy to catch and he was transported to our vet by a volunteer.

Freddie was a ginger domestic medium hair boy of three years.     Under anaesthetic, he was discovered to have something in his throat and like magic they pulled out a wishbone.  Just like the Prince kissing Sleeping Beauty, the spell was broken at that moment and the ‘lucky charm’ began to do its work.

Freddie’s luck was on the up.

He was not chipped but he was desexed.  What could his story have been?

Did the house he returned to look like one he had lived at?  All attempts were made to find his owner to no avail.

Freddie came back to Catmint Cottage.   He was given small frequent nutritious meals because he was very underweight.    Freddie had another opinion enitrely.  It was that the dish  should never be empty and the portions larger.  Looking  pitifully at it and crying plaintively at me, a thinly disguised accusation designed to pressure.  

Freddie became known as ‘the smiling ginger’ among us.  His coat grew soft and bright, his tail huge and fluffy!! His pale golden eyes were beautiful indeed.

Not long after he had put on a decent amount of weight  (that was easy!) we received an email inquiring after him and was he still available for adoption?

Yes he was!  back to the surgery he went to be checked over and unfortunately needed another couple of teeth removed.  His bite was unbalanced and it was making his mouth sore.

Our person was willing to wait another week.  

 On the day Freddie travelled well enough and we eventually found the address.  There was a walk up flight of stairs in an old house and when we arrived at the top we gasped because we were right on Sydney Harbour with an unimpeded view from a glassed in balcony.

I guess Freddie had known what he was doing when he swallowed that wish bone after all.  

I still wouldn’t recommend it!

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Margaret Dalziel

Margaret Dalziel 10 months ago

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Margaret Dalziel

Margaret Dalziel 10 months ago

This was the first time I was able to negotiate the technical challenges of posting my stories :) I'm sure I will improve. Rescue in itself is hard so we learn to persevere and never give up but mostly that is the cats we rescue.


Margaret Dalziel

Margaret Dalziel 10 months ago

Thank you Haley for helping!!

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