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The Story of Rescue Cats

Redefining how we rescue becomes challenging when adoptions are slow. We are not a shelter as such but a rescue group using our own homes and that of selected foster carers.

Since we  are a No KIll establishment and since cats requiring assistance are in plentiful supply we often feel as if we are gridlocked.  A frustrating situation but resources and space are by necessity, finite

It’s just a fact of life.

Whilst cats in care continue to receive vaccinations, dentals and socialising we utilise another avenue:  public requests for help.    With this we can still make an astounding difference.  Below are just three cases which illustrate what can be done.

Tilly  was a stray who turned up in the yard of one of our facebook followers.  Having been off work due to  chronic illness, this lady was struggling to look after her own financial needs.  When she contacted us we told her to take Tilly to our vet for examination which revealed an estimated twelve year old cat,, desexed but not chipped.

Tilly had a cough.  Chest xrays were done and the cough was the beginning of Pneumonia.  A couple of days in hosptital, a blood test and antibiotics, a drip and Tilly went home with her ‘feeder’ to live the way a twelve year old lady should in the Winter.  

 Later Tilly had many of her teeth out and was treated for Asthma.  Recently she was checked again and given a low dose of steroids.  We continue to support her.

Bumper was another cat who would call in for the odd feed and a chat.  He was a tom cat, a status we were anxious to change but before we could  even try he turned up one eveing with his mouth swollen to twice its size.  He tried to ‘talk‘ to her.  An out of hours vet advised euthanasia.  The October long weekend in 2017 saw him admitted to our vets with a broken jaw.

 As usual our funds were low.

There were two breaks,  requiring separate surgeries, one to wire the first break and one to insert a plate.  Bumper became a firm favourite of the staff since he was in hospital for weeks.

He was also an attention seeking cat.  I would often joke about him calling out ‘nurse nurse!’ because when he came back to us at Catmint Cottage that’s exactly what occurred.  He was always calling for something!  Bumper  was finally desexed and is now up for adoption.  He’s currently being fostered but needs a second dental.  

Lilly was one of the saddest cases of all.  Caught from a street colony on a freezing night during the coldest weeks of Winter,  she was very close to death.  Incredibly ill with blood poisoning from Pyometra  and a ruptured uterus containing a dead fetus.   Emergency surgery was performed along with all the supportive and diagnostic tests required plus hospitalisation.

Lilly went home with her rescuer to be given an enormous amount of TLC.  A subsequent bout of Catflu developed in to Pneumonia and Lilly was in need of extra medical help.  It has taken Lilly a long time to get well.  She still needs a dental.

 We operate in the Western suburbs of Sydney where the challenges are heavy.

Donations can help us make a huge difference in every way possible.  There is so much more to be done.

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