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Kitten Season November 18

The week has been challenging in all kinds of ways.  Kitten season is well upon us and it feels as if we are running on the spot.  Requests for help are coming from all directions.

A situation at Liverpool has been on the burner for the past couple of weeks.  Most often   we are contacted and asked to take stray cats (or kittens) that people have tried to help.

This was one of those.  A mother cat and her adult daughter.  Three new kittens eight weeks old. People who are struggling financially, looking for work, getting something part time and striving to pay for rent and other costs.  One working full time and supporting the other two.

We could not take any of these in to care.  We have finite room, energy levels and finances.  That is not a popular reply understandably but we do try enormously hard to help.  And we did.

A contact we know well went out to see the kittens and took them in to foster care.  She treated them for fleas and worms and took photos and we then each sent these out to different organisations.

They will be accepted by Cat Protection in one to two weeks.

We had arranged for the two mums to be seen by our vet and co-ordinated to pick them up.  

‘But what will happen after that we were asked?’  

‘We can’t promise anything except to try our hardest to help.  Our first step is to stop them multiplying’ I said.  ‘Then we look for new homes.’

  I’m not that experienced with breeds but when I saw that beautiful mother with her soft markings and pale blue eyes I was quite shocked that she was a stray.  ‘That’s a Ragdoll!!‘  said our vet.  ‘Isn’t she beautiful?’

On examination she was found to be chipped and the owner contacted immediately.  I spoke to him on the phone.  He suspected a neighbor had stolen her and she had been missing for eight months.  Yes he wanted her back.  I told him about the daughter.  The people had said she was very bonded with her mum and they named her Faithful.

Mama as they called her went back to her original home yesterday.  Sadly the daughter will not see her again.

This was an upsetting situation.   I didn’t cry because I’m tougher than that.  Well maybe one or two tears escaped before my courage was reinstated.  Reality checks are always needed.  

Faithful was desexed, vaccinated and chipped and will be returning to the people who love her so much and  who mourned the loss of her mother.  I feel more confident in the home that Faithful is going to.  I know what sincerity is when I see it.  

I know this lovely lovely girl is going to the very best home.

Can you help us with the support we need financially?

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Margaret Dalziel

Margaret Dalziel 9 months ago

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