Cowboys Community Foundation

Cowboys Community Foundation is a community-owned charity actively improving employment, health and social outcomes for young North Queenslanders through education-based programs.

Established in 2015 by the North Queensland Cowboys, our Foundation brings together an impressive 25 years of community leadership, corporate social responsibility and successful community project delivery.

The Foundation’s lead initiative is NRL Cowboys House. At NRL Cowboys House, we provide supported accommodation for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from some of Queensland‘s most remote and educationally disadvantaged communities, enabling them to access quality secondary education opportunities and further training or employment opportunities of their choice.

We know that education is the key to a life with choice and opportunity. Through the opportunities provided at NRL Cowboys House, we are committed to levelling the education playing field for young Queenslanders, because equity starts with education.

By supporting Cowboys Community Foundation (CCF) you will become a partner in expanding regional and remote peoples' capacity to make genuine choices about their lives through equal participation in all spheres of life. With your support, we aim to help our people recognise their skills, talents and abilities as valuable - both culturally and economically.

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