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TheKarma Currency Foundation is a national, independent, charitable non-for-profit that seeks to revitalize the philanthropic and volunteering landscape in Australia. We rock.

Our vision is to connect people with the charities and causes that are closest to their hearts (whether it be starving children in Africa or a soup kitchen down the street) we hope to make charitable acts (volunteering and donating) part of our everyday lives.
Awarded as the Australasian Fundraiser of the Year, The Karma Currency Foundation helps charities raise funds through:

* Australia’s first online Charity Gift Voucher Program
* Australia’s largest Charity Gift Registry offering
* Australia’s most advanced Workplace Giving Platform (Workplace Giving- Minus the Work ™)
* Fundraising Pages for Charities and Projects
* Affiliate Loyalty Programs
* And Skilled Volunteering (through www.goodcompany.com. au)
To continue to do our work donations of all shapes and sizes are appreciated.
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