Volunteers to Assist Children with Disabilities
Volunteers to Assist Children with Disabilities (VACD)
Our Goals, Mission and Values

Our Goal
VACD’s goal is to enrich the lives of children with disabilities in some of the poorest provinces of Sri Lanka because of the acute shortage of proper infrastructure and support facilities available in these regions. We intend achieving this by providing them with skills and surrounding them with suitable facilities and infrastructure that will help them lead independent lives.

What we do?
To help these children achieve their aspirations we provide their parents with training and guidance to endure with the challenges of caring for their children. Through our VACD centres we provide children with disabilities with special education, life skills, vocational skills as well as music and dance training. VACD also sponsors and equips health clinics at local hospitals to facilitate regular check-ups, therapy and rehabilitation services. This enables the children to become even more valuable citizens and be accepted by their communities.

How we achieve our mission?
To accomplish our mission, we establish VACD Centres and engage with local communities, religious groups, business, government and medical authorities. Through engagement, awareness and communication we strive to eliminate poverty, ignorance, discrimination, social isolation, vilification and abuse. We promulgate and encourage communities to value, uphold and respect the rights of children with disabilities.
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