Wild Cat Conservation Foundation

Wild Cat Conservation Centre relies on the generosity of supporters like you and our corporate partners to achieve our conservation goals.

By donating to our Wild Cat Conservation Foundation, you are making a significant impact:

  • Your support helps us maintain our crucial conservation breeding programs and exhibits, providing our cats with a safe and nurturing environment.

  • We conduct vital research activities in Botswana to preserve wild cat habitat and populations, and your contribution directly contributes to these efforts.

  • Your donation also plays a pivotal role in supporting our education programs, raising awareness about endangered wild cat species, and highlighting the urgent need for their conservation.

Your support, no matter the amount, makes a significant impact on our conservation efforts:

  • A $100 donation will feed our cats for a day

  • With $500 you can cover essential veterinary expenses like vaccinations and health checks.

  • A $1000 one-time donation helps feed our wild cats for an entire week!

  • A $4000 contribution allows us to purchase a GPS radio collar for our research activities in Botswana, aiding in the preservation of wild cat habitat and populations.

  • With $5000 you can sponsor one of our wild cats for an entire year, providing them with essential care and support.

  • With $50,000 we can construct new habitats for our breeding programs, creating safe and enriching environments for our wild cats to thrive and contribute to their species’ future.

Together, we can make a difference.

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