SolarBuddy is a global community of people united by its commitment to creating a sustainable future for all people and our beautiful life-supporting planet. As part of our community individuals learn about the 1.4 billion people living in energy poverty, the devastating impact this has on their lives, and how a simple solar powered light can help to improve their health, well being, connectivity and education outcomes.

1 in 5 people people don’t have access to modern electricity severely limiting their potential. This is simply not acceptable when we have the technology and means to alleviate the energy burden of the world’s poorest people. No person should be reliant on dangerous, expensive and unhealthy energy like kerosene, but without a reliable light source to study with at night, a child’s education stagnates and they are unable to break the cycle of poverty.

Our goal is to gift 6 million lights to children living in energy poverty by 2030, which is the United Nations deadline for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). With your help, we can help SolarBuddy achieve their dream and illuminate futures.