Children's Medical Research Institute

Children's Medical Research Institute

Established in 1958, the Children’s Medical Research Institute is a fully independent research centre employing over 120 research scientists. Our research is dedicated to understanding why and how faults occur in our biological development so that we can develop better treatments and cures for diseases in the future.

Just some of our research achievements include the pioneering of microsurgery, studies which have lead to dramatic improvement in the survival rate of premature babies, ground breaking gene therapy research which may lead to revolutionary treatments for heart disorders, new and exciting insights into the causes of cancer, research which may lead to new and more effective drug treatments for epilepsy, and findings which have opened up new avenues for possible future treatment of cleft lip and palate.

The singular aim of research at the CMRI is to advance the prevention and treatment of disease.

The pursuit of this vision is a meticulous endeavour, extraordinarily complex and enormously costly. But the realisation of its potential to relieve human suffering and give all children a healthier future goes well beyond the human and financial cost.

In highly unscientific terminology, this potential is ‘immeasurable’.



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