Since 1989, with over two million trees having been planted, Tree Project is sowing the seeds for a sustainable future

TreeProject is a non-profit (Charitable), non-government, volunteer-based organization leading the way in sustainable re-vegetation throughout Victoria by providing low cost indigenous seedlings to landholders.

Tree Project’s underlying philosophy is that repairing our natural resources, including the farmland that produces our food, fibers and other essential items, relies upon the entire community.” TreeProject connects urban and rural communities to work together putting trees back on the land.

TreeProject provides opportunities for people to get involved and do something practical for the environment by growing indigenous seedlings in their own backyards. We provide volunteer growers with training, support and growing materials needed to set up a ‘home nursery’ and successfully grow strong healthy seedlings. In this way TreeProject makes re-vegetation affordable



No volunteering opportunities are available at present

Great news though - we’ve got thousands of volunteer opportunities waiting to be matched with the right person.
Please search via the Volunteer link in the toolbar and hopefully you’ll find a role that suits you to a tee.