A disadvantaged student needs your help.

The ABCN Foundation awards a unique combination of financial support and corporate mentoring through our Accelerate program over the crucial Year 11, 12 and the subsequent year in tertiary education, to exceptional scholars around Australia who are experiencing significant family, social, cultural or economic difficulties. Their circumstances mean that despite showing promise and high potential, they may be denied the chance of a bright future.

The Accelerate program is in high demand. Each year the ABCN Foundation receives between 200 – 300 applications from exceptional students around Australia. We are currently only able to fund about 12% of these. Yet every young person who has applied in the past was worthy and every scholarship awarded would change a life.

Of last year's applicants, 100% were from low-SES backgrounds and 45% had suffered trauma. For 20% of applicants, their parents were unemployed. Others were victims of domestic violence, had parents who were incarcerated and/or perpetual substance abusers – and 3% were living in out-of-home or foster-care arrangements.

Despite adversity, 100% share one common attribute – an unwavering desire to realise their potential. Accelerate helps them achieve this.

ABCN’s goal is to continue year-on-year growth to address the ongoing demand for our work. Your help makes this possible.

Supporting one student on an Accelerate scholarship costs $11,500 over three years:

> $7,000 goes directly to the student for educational expenses

> the remainder enables the critical mentoring component of the program - a dedicated mentor, the Annual Leadership Summit, career and personal development, interstate travel and accommodation, networking opportunities and events.

Donate today or before 30 June to claim a tax-deductible donation for this financial year.

A single scholarship can change a whole family's future.

‘The support, friendships, financial aid, networking and mentoring that I received due to the kindness of ABCN has left such a positive impact on my life. I’m eternally thankful … ABCN is helping the dreams of the youth come true. Please never stop doing that.’

Kimberly, just graduated from her three-year Accelerate Scholarship program