Children First Foundation

Children First imagines a world where every child is able to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, regardless of where they are born. We invite you to join us to make a difference in the lives of children in need.

Children First Foundation has been facilitating life-changing, sometimes life-saving surgery for children from developing countries since 1999. These children are among the world's most disadvantaged, born in countries where the complex and often multiple surgeries they need are unavailable.

Like all parents, their mums and dads want happy healthy lives for their children and many have spent years searching for help before finding Children First Foundation.

Children First’s Miracle sMiles program helps children globally. The Miracle sMiles program facilitates surgery and pre-and-post surgical care for a range of congenital and acquired conditions including orthopaedic, craniofacial, burns and plastics, renal and urology cases. The condition must be operable and unable to be treated in the child’s country.

While in Australia they are cared for at our Miracle sMiles Retreat in rural Kilmore by our staff and an amazing team of dedicated volunteers.

We don't receive any government funding, and are only able to transform these children’s lives with the wonderful support of our donors and partners.

Become a "Miracle Worker" by transforming these children's lives and bringing them hope, happiness and health.


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AUD $30

Help A Child To Learn

Your donation will help pay for educational resources for our children. Our volunteer teachers design individual curriculums suitable to each child... Read More

AUD $40

Hospital Bed-Pack

We like to send the children to hospital with new pjs, slippers and socks, and if we can pack them in a new carry bag that's even better... tha... Read More

AUD $50

Fresh Fruit & Vegies

As well as being critically ill, many children arrive in Australia malnourished and underweight. They often cannot have their surgery until they ga... Read More

AUD $90

Care For A Child For A Day

Your donation will cover the full costs of 24/7 care for one child for one day. The Miracle sMiles Retreat offers a healing supportive environment ... Read More

AUD $100

Winter Welcome Pack

Children arriving from the Pacific region are often totally unprepared for Melbourne winters. Your gift will buy a pair of fleecy trackpants and to... Read More

AUD $300

Medical Visa

Most of our children need to travel on specific medical visas. These are often difficult to obtain and require lots of paper work but they ensure t... Read More