Cowboys Community Foundation


The Cowboys Community Foundation is a community-owned charity improving employment, health and social outcomes for young North Queenslanders through education-based programs.

Our flagship program, NRL Cowboys House, provides supported accommodation for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from some of North Queensland’s most remote and educationally disadvantaged communities, enabling them to access quality secondary education opportunities in Townsville.

By supporting the Cowboys Community Foundation (CCF) you will become a partner in making true change where it counts – providing life changing opportunities and support to disadvantaged young people in our communities.

Like all of the Foundation’s programs, NRL Cowboys House creates hope, motivation and opportunity and addresses some of the significant challenges faced by our young people on their journey through education to employment and adult life.


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AUD $50

Medical Costs For A School Term

With your donation, you will help us meet the medication and treatment costs for a student residing at NRL Cowboys House for a whole school term. A... Read More

AUD $100

Provide Students With Safety Equipment F...

To further their opportunities once school is finished, students at NRL Cowboys House are encouraged to participate in work experience and school b... Read More

AUD $300

Build A Student's Self Esteem

With your generous donation, a student at NRL Cowboys House will have their self-esteem boosted when they receive all of the personal hygiene items... Read More