Stronger Smarter Institute

Stronger Smarter Institute

The Stronger Smarter Institute (SSI) is an Indigenous led not-for-profit transformative leadership training organization with demonstrated educational success for Indigenous students. Our mission is to directly improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Our essential point of difference is the Stronger Smarter Approach. We provide educators with the tools and support to address entrenched beliefs and assumptions and create Stronger Smarter classrooms. The Stronger Smarter Approach equips educators with the tools and beliefs to work with their local communities and make the right choices for their own school contexts. Using the Stronger Smarter Approach, educators develop High Expectations Relationships with Indigenous students, parents and communities. The results are Stronger Smarter schools and communities where students engage with their learning and believe in their own ability to achieve.

The Institute has worked with over 500 schools across the country. We focus on marginalized and resource-poor communities, which are the areas where the Stronger Smarter Approach is most needed. The Stronger Smarter Institute is seeking to impact 50% of all Indigenous students in Australia by 2018.



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