One Girl Australia

One Girl Australia

One Girl is a Melbourne-based charity harnessing the power of education to drive change for girls and their communities. Over 130 million girls around the world aren't in school, just because they were born a girl and we're on a mission to change this.

We work in Sierra Leone and Uganda, some of the worst places on earth to be born a girl. Almost half of all female youth in Sierra Leone (15-24 years old) are illiterate. Up to 40% of girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone are married before they turn 18.

You can change this by donating to help fund One Girl's four girl-focused education projects.

For every year a girl can stay in school, her income will increase between 10 and 25 percent. And for every dollar she earns, she'll reinvest 90 percent of it back into her family. She’s less likely to be sold as a child bride, and she can marry later and have children when she’s ready.

And the best bit? She’s more likely to educate her own children – creating a ripple effect of opportunity that will benefit generations to come.

Giving girls access to education is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Donate now and change a girl's life.


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AUD $5

Provide Girls With Access To Education

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AUD $10

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AUD $100

$100 Can Tackle Gender Inequality Throug...

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AUD $300

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