Bali Children Foundation

Bali Children Foundation

Bali Children Foundation provides education and other types of social support to disadvantaged children and their families in Remote Bali and Lombok. The children are mostly from families who live in rural poverty as landless farm labourers. The foundation offers Education scholarships, English, Environmental, Health and Hygiene curriculum and Computer, Business and Entrepreneurial curriculum as well as supporting disability surveys and Health and Dental checks for BCF children. There are currently over 7,900 children on the program which covers 76 communities and 54 schools.


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AUD $12

Give The Gift Of Words

For just $12 you can provide a disadvantaged student with an English dictionary which they will be able to take home with home and share their new ... Read More

AUD $25

New Kicks For The Kids

Everyone loves a brand new pair of shoes right? Well for Bali's most impoverished children brand new shoes are an absolute luxury.  Make a... Read More

AUD $35

English Lessons

With English language skills, children of Bali's poorest communities are  more likely to break the cycle of poverty. Your donation of... Read More

AUD $45

Brand New School Packs

There is nothing quite like coming back off school break with all new books, stationary and a brand new school bag.  For just $45 AUD, you can... Read More

AUD $150

Travel Bursary Keeping Kids In School

In many remote Bali communities the Junior and Senior High Schools can be a long way from home.  In these cases some the poorest families are ... Read More

AUD $220

Elementary School Sponsorship

A vital aspect to our work are our sponsors.  From individuals sponsoring one child to organisations sponsoring whole villages.  Scholars... Read More