Jeans for Genes Day Location Leaders - Fri 2nd August 2019

Children's Medical Research Institute

Jeans for Genes Day Location Leaders - Fri 2nd August 2019

Jeans for Genes Day 2019 - Location Leaders needed! 

Held on Friday 2nd August at various locations Australia wide.

A fantastic opportunity to meet new people and have some fun, while giving back to the community by helping to raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Medical Research Institute to support research into birth defects and genetic disorders.Every year, hundreds of wonderful volunteers join us to hit the streets, shopping centres and train stations across the country.

The Role: Jeans for Genes Day Location Leader (volunteer position)

Date: Friday 2 August 2019

Time: Approx. 6 - 12 hours – varying shift time depending on locationDuties at event time:

• Manage fundraising merchandise for the location (receive, distribute to team and return at the end of the day)

• Organise a float for your location as well as extra change if required

• Deposit the takings at the end of the day

• Manage the sign in and out volunteers and conduct pre-shift briefings

• Give directions to group leaders and volunteers

• Organise and allocate volunteers to assigned areas at your location

• Make sure group leaders and volunteers are completing their tasks

• Make sure volunteers have breaks if required

• Comply with WH&S standards

• Complete report of volunteers who have attended their shifts 

• Act as “eyes and ears” on the ground and reporting back to management any issues, concerns or other matters that may need to be addressed.

Personal attributes and skills:

• Clear communicator

• Ability to work self responsibly

• Motivated, hard worker

• Ability to work as part of a team

• Problem solving skills

• Good people skills

• Patience

• Be happy to manage a group of 10 – 30 people

• Organised

What can you gain?

• Communication skills

• Learn to work with a team with various social backgrounds

• Improve confidence

• Planning skills

• Event delivery techniques and hands on experience

You can apply for a position as location leader by sending us an email with your preferred location and a few words about your motivation and skills: