GIVIT is a national not-for-profit connecting those who have with those who need, through its website GIVIT’s vision is to match generosity with genuine need by inspiring and connecting an online network of givers. Through its website, trusted Australian charities in every state and territory are supported as they request essential, quality items on behalf of their clients. GIVIT then facilitates donated quality goods and services to reach our most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised individuals in a safe, easy and timely manner. Since establishment in 2009, hundreds of thousands of items have been donated via GIVIT to assist Australians in need.

GIVIT makes giving easy via its free online giving portal, enabling everyday Australians to see exactly what items are required by vulnerable members of their local community. Somewhere in Australia, there is a pair of unwanted work boots which could help a father secure work to support his family, a reliable washing machine that will allow a single mother the time to apply for work instead of washing clothes by hand and a bed which could provide someone the chance to live in their own home.


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AUD $2

Keep Givit Free For All (Pretty Please)

GIVIT never takes operating costs or fees from donations (awesome right!). We use 100% of funds we receive to purchase essential items for people i... Read More

AUD $5

Givit-Up! Your Coffee Could Help A Mum F...

It's a big ask, we love coffee too. But by donating just $5 each week, you will be making a huge impact on the lives of people in need. We know... Read More

AUD $10

Throw Some Dough To Help Regional And Re...

Use that crisp blue tenner and do some good with it! Your $10 donation can go towards buying essential items for people and communities hit hard by... Read More

AUD $30

Toiletries, Transport And Backpacks - Oh...

Want to know how far $30 can go? It can provide toiletries for the homeless or someone recently release from incarceration. It can give a student, ... Read More

AUD $50

Nifty Fifty! Get Someone On The Road Or ...

Thank you! Your $50 can provide a fuel voucher for a struggling family, a dad needing to get to work or a farming family in need. Many remotely loc... Read More

AUD $100

Educate, Protect, Love

Your donation of $100 will help so many. From educational materials for a vulnerable child, a sleeping bag and blankets for the homeless to craft m... Read More