Scripture Union Queensland (SU QLD)

Scripture Union Queensland (SU QLD)

For the past 80 years, SU Qld has holistically cared for children and young people through state school chaplaincy, camping, community outreach and at-risk youth programs. They have earned the trust and respect from Federal, State and Local Governments, Education Queensland, each of the Christian denominations, community groups and thousands of local businesses and families.

In recent times, SU Qld has become synonymous with state school chaplaincy and they now employ 512 Christian chaplains in 639 Queensland state schools. Each year their chaplain’s collectively bringing hope to over 340,000 (71%) state school students and make over 100,000 life changing encounters. They have to deal with issues such as youth suicide, depression, family breakdown, teenage binge drinking, drug abuse, physical and verbal abuse both at home and in the school yard as well as having to pastorally care for teachers, auxiliary staff and parents.


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