Give the gift of changing the world with a Charity Gift Card

We cater for any budget, from $2 to $2 Million, empowering you and your loved ones to support charity projects locally and around the globe.

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Send a Charity Gift Card 


Perfect for Christmas, Father's Day, birthdays, speaker gifts, anniversaries or any special occasion, a Charity Gift Card is the gift that keeps on giving! Simply choose how much you’d like to donate, and send a Charity Gift Card to your loved one. The recipient is empowered to choose from hundreds of charities and thousands of ethical projects to support with your donation amount.

You can personalise your card with text and logos and can either print it out or email it.

Create as many cards as you like and access your shopping cart for one easy payment.

And all donations / purchases of Charity Gift Cards over $2 are fully tax deductible!

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Redeem a Charity Gift Card 



Charity Gift Cards, Donation Gift Cards. Charity Gift Vouchers, Donation Gift Vouchers


Once your lucky recipient has received their Charity Gift Card they are ready to save the world. By simply entering their code they can choose the charities and projects to receive the amount you gifted.

With over 2000 projects - the largest Charitable Gift Registry on earth - they are sure to find something close to their heart.

Whether it is Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day or a birthday - you know you will make their day with a Charity Gift Card.

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Customise your own cards 

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Send Charity Gift Cards to all your clients

Your company can send Charity Gift Cards to your entire client list in one easy transaction.

Charity Gift Cards are an empowering and engaging gift. They demonstrate your company culture and community mindedness, whilst also aligning to your clients values, as recipients get to choose which charities and projects will benefit from your donation.

Plus your company can choose exactly how the vouchers are presented. To design your own cards with our voucher codes, choose CUSTOM. To send multiple vouchers click EMAIL or to send cards via the post click POST.

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100% meaningful - 100% empowering - 100% eco-friendly - 100% tax deductible - 100% good karma