Jades Great Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation

I’m helping to beat blood cancer by taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave!Please sponsor me to give Aussie families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need. You will also help fund vital research so more people survive blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma. You may not know it but blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. And every day another 35 people will be diagnosed. No matter how much you give, it’s an extraordinary way to make a difference.

The Leukaemia Foundation is very close to my heart, and if I can do a small thing such as shave my head to raise money for this important foundation, then I am more than happy too. Any support that you can give would be GREATLY appreciated.

My head will be getting shaved at BassGas on Friday 17th March, so feel free to come along and have a laugh! :-)


Total Donation
Michael Ferris Love your work 20 Mar 2017 $50 $50 $100
Bronwyn Lyndon Congratulations on shaving for a wonderful cause - 17 Mar 2017 $50 $50 $100
Rachel Healey Well done Jade. Just completed the greatest shave and collected donations from the BassGas Team (thanks to Andy, Pabs, Petri, Phil, John P, Gavin, Russ, Rick, Keith, Lindsay, Mick, Najam, Kumar, Susan and Mark for their generous donation). 17 Mar 2017 $400 $400 $800
Danny Hill Jade, looking forward to the new look, from your mate at LLGP warehouse :-) 17 Mar 2017 $100 $100 $200
Craig Davies Good work Jade for a great cause. Look forward to seeing some photos. 14 Mar 2017 $100 $100 $200
Nathan Garratt well done Jade. just a pitty I wont be at work on Friday 10 Mar 2017 $100 $0 $100
Katherine Domalewski Whoa! Just think about how aerodynamic you'll be when doing doing BOSIET! :) Well done, you really are a brave lady! 09 Mar 2017 $50 $50 $100
Luca De Iuliis Well done Jade, a great way to make a real difference for people who are suffering. 09 Mar 2017 $50 $50 $100
Cameron Parry Great cause well done Jade, Hope this is a New You!!! 08 Mar 2017 $50 $50 $100
Naomi Evans Good luck !! From Kath and Naomi xx 28 Feb 2017 $100 $100 $200
Ben Morgan Great work Jado, hair is over rated anyway. 27 Feb 2017 $100 $100 $200
Sugan Naidoo Good on ye Jade! 23 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
David Settle LOL 17 Feb 2017 $50 $0 $50
Rachel Healey So brave Jade!!!! 16 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
Shane Reynolds It's fantastic that people with hair are willing to give it up for a good cause. Hope it all goes well tomorrow. 16 Feb 2017 $25 $25 $50
Andrea Brown So inspiring Jade! And for a great cause 16 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
Robyn Wilkie Great effort Jade!! 15 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
Craig Olarenshaw Great work Jade! Good to see people out there supporting such important charities. 13 Feb 2017 $100 $100 $200
John Peel Ill get you a wig. Amazing cause, well done young lady!! 09 Feb 2017 $200 $200 $400
Thomas Pettigrew Hope it grows back quickly and remember the sunscreen. 09 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
Anthony Marshall We will soon look like bro and sis :) 09 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
Thomas Pettigrew Hope it grows back quickly and remember the sunscreen. 09 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
Mathew Quinn Awesome cause Jade and I really admire your commitment to support such a great organisation who provide support for so many people with blood cancers and also funding for further research in the area. My neighbour (8yo boy) has Leukaemia - thankfully in remission - and their family received heaps of support and guidance from this organisation through his treatment stages. Looking forward to seeing it come off :) Great stuff! 09 Feb 2017 $100 $100 $200
Neil Christensen Nice work Jade. If Kev is turning up to watch must mean there's a BBQ on? Might have to send some photo's or video for the offshore team? 08 Feb 2017 $50 $50 $100
Stephen Hubbard Good luck 08 Feb 2017 $50 $0 $50
Kevin Galea Great cause Jade. I will have to come down for the event! 08 Feb 2017 $50 $0 $50
= $4000