Stay Kind Day

Stay Kind Day

Stay Kind is an initiative in memory of Stuart Kelly, and in honour of his continued support and kindness to his brother Thomas and to others. Stay Kind takes its name from Stuart’s initials, just as Take Kare  uses the initials of his elder brother – Thomas.

Stay Kind Day encourages not only youth, but the entire Australian population to care for one another. As a kind, compassionate community, it’s important to show empathy whilst also acknowledging and recognising that many people suffer in silence. Young people may find themselves overwhelmed by life or by others, and be unable to speak out. And they may not seek help for themselves when this happens or if they are dealing with mental health issues.

Stay Kind Day aims to foster social and cultural change by encouraging people to provide a supportive community environment for those that suffer in silence, and discourages persecution of people within our communities. 

The responsibility for this loss of lives does not just rest with the individuals who decide to end their lives. As a society, we are currently experiencing significant changes in social values, behaviours and respect shown to others. Social media is one of many platforms that demonstrates this. These changes do not only impact on ourselves - they impact on others too. Our culture of taking things on the chin can discourage youth from speaking out when respect from others is at its lowest. This is why it’s more important than ever to create an environment of kindness, care and empathy.

Your donation will assist the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation in expanding Stay Kind Day initiatives.

The first Stay Kind Day will be held on Sunday 23 July 2017.


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