Zoe's 223km Wander For Women Across The Desert

Along with some other amazing adventurers I will be walking the remote and spectacular 223km iconic Larapinta Trail through the desert of the Northern Territory soon. I feel very fortunate to take part in an adventure that is supporting indigenous women and their communities as well as being an incredible life changing challenge and experience for myself!

The intention is to raise funds to support the the annual Law and Culture meeting for the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women's Council. The NPYWC gives a voice to women and their families from 26 desert communities in the cross-boarder regions of WA, SA, and the NT covering 350 000 sq km. This Law and Culture meeting focuses on empowering women to speak up on matters important to them, including preserving indigenous traditions and upholding policy and law in their communities. Each meeting costs upwards of $50 000 and we aim to raise that minimum to cover one of these events. The Larapinta Extreme Walk has run over the two pervious years and has so far raised over $250 000 for the NPYWC!

Along with being super excited to raise funds for the NPYWC I'm eagerly anticipating the personal joy of experiencing desert sunrises, sunsets, shooting stars, creating new friendships and challenging my body and my mind to push through situations I've never known before. 

I'd love your support in doing this, and by 'support' I mean your money! I am covering all the costs of my trip and all my expenses so every dollar donated goes directly to the NPYWC. Let's do some good!


Total Donation
Jo Zorzi You gunna smash this walk Lady! I hope you reach your fundraising goal. Jo xxx 14 Feb 2017 $25 $0 $25
Scott Romano Inspirational ZB 06 Feb 2017 $180 $0 $180
Lucerna Soy Candles Bath And Body . You're amazing! xo 31 Jan 2017 $100 $0 $100
Simon & Karen Rowell Good on you Zoe! You are a great example to the community. 30 Jan 2017 $50 $0 $50
Simon & Karen Rowell Good on you Zoe! You are a great example to the community. 30 Jan 2017 $50 $0 $50
Alan Michener Go Zoe.Alan and Keryl 30 Jan 2017 $100 $0 $100
Opal Russ Go Zoe πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ 30 Jan 2017 $100 $0 $100
Sofia Alotry This is awesome, you're such an inspiration ❀ 29 Jan 2017 $50 $0 $50
Kaya Michener Good luck Zoe 24 Jan 2017 $30 $0 $30
Norm And Helen Michener Great effort, Zoe. XX 24 Jan 2017 $50 $0 $50
Lauren Michener Good on ya. That will be a great walk. 24 Jan 2017 $30 $0 $30
Laura Vigilante πŸ’™ 24 Jan 2017 $30 $0 $30
Dennis Manahan πŸ’ͺ 23 Jan 2017 $50 $0 $50
Kat Wang Tempura Vego bars await your return :) all the best on this amazing trek. Love Kat & Mike 23 Jan 2017 $50 $0 $50
Zoe Vickers Go Zoe! 23 Jan 2017 $10 $0 $10
Alex McLachlan Good job Zoe xo 23 Jan 2017 $20 $0 $20
Dan Toner πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ 23 Jan 2017 $100 $0 $100
= $1025