How would you like to Fundraise?

Use this option if you’d like to add a sub-page to an Event/team page that’s already been created. Click this button, then use the keyword search on the next page to easily find the Event you'd like to join.

Use this option if you are fundraising separately from any event.

Use this option if you’d like to create an event/team page that allows sub-pages to be attached. Each event must have a minimum of one sub-page created. If you think you only need one page, please choose option create standalone page

Top Tips:

  • 1. Make a donation to your page. This will get the ball rolling and ensure your Page remains online.(New Fundraising Pages will be closed after 28 days if they have $0 donations)
  • 2. Personalise your page with a photo, your story and your plans. Don't forget to include your name so your supporters can easily find your page.
  • 3. Share, share, share the URL link to your page. Best results always come from pages that are shared via social media, email, newsletters or any other communication methods you prefer. Don't forget to give regular updates, so your supporters share in the impact they're part of achieving.

Quick Q&A

  • Can multiple charities be supported within the one event/team page? Yes
  • Can different sub-pages choose which charity they support? Yes, as long as it’s been selected as part of the event/team page set up
  • Is there a limit to the number of sub-pages? No limit, so go for it
  • Can I see my sub-page tally? Yes
  • Will our sub-pages tally to a total fundraising effort? Yes