Voucher Terms and Conditions

1. This voucher can only be redeemed by indicating your preferred allocation of all or part of the amount recorded on this voucher to participating charities through the Karma Currency Foundation website located at www.karmacurrency.com.au. or www.goodcompany.com.au As required by current tax law, while the trustee of the Karma Currency Foundation will have regard to your preferred allocation in making donations to participating charities and normally will allocate accordingly, it cannot be and is not bound to do so. You cannot claim a tax deduction by simply redeeming this voucher.

2. This voucher has been allocated to you (ie. the person entitled to redeem this voucher) on the Karma Currency Foundation website by the person making the donation to the Karma Currency Foundation (donor) and cannot be transferred to another person.  

3. This voucher is only valid for 12 months from the date of issue which is displayed on the voucher. If all or part of the amount shown on this voucher has not been redeemed within 12 months of the date of issue, then the amount that has not been redeemed will be given to the default charity selected by the donor or otherwise at the discretion of the Karma Currency Foundation.

4. If the allocations that you make to participating charities exceed the amount of this voucher, you must pay the balance with a credit card. You will be entitled to a tax deduction for that amount (provided the donation is $2 or more) and the Karma Currency Foundation will provide a receipt to you.

5. This voucher cannot be redeemed for cash and, subject to the circumstances below, cannot be exchanged for another voucher.

6. We will not replace this voucher if it is lost or stolen.

7. If, due to technical malfunctions, this voucher is not able to be redeemed, your sole remedy, and our sole liability, will be the replacement of this voucher with another voucher for the same amount.