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Support Our Platypus Care Program

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

The Platypus is a uniquely Australian species but there is concern about thei... Read More

AUD $10
AUD $60

Hand Cymbals

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

$60 buys a pair of Hand Cymbals Our network of highly trained and accredited ... Read More

AUD $150

A Glockenspiel

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

A Glockenspiel Our Registered Music Therapists use the glockenspiel to teach ... Read More

AUD $10

A Tambourine For Pre-School Programs

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

A Tambourine to be used at our pre-school programs. Our network of highly tra... Read More

AUD $48

Baby Kitten Food

Maggie's Rescue

With so many baby kittens coming into our care we need to purchase high quali... Read More

AUD $90

Counselling And Therapeutic Services


An hour of counselling or sand play therapy can open doors for our young peop... Read More

AUD $50

Building A Home

100% Hope

Your gift is a direct donation towards the construction of homes for vulnerab... Read More

AUD $28

Learn To Sing Or Play


A 30 minute singing or music lesson can make a child feel so accomplished. Yo... Read More

AUD $50


100% Hope

Your gift will help us buy pigs in Uganda so that they can be bred and sold! Read More

AUD $100


100% Hope

Your gift will help us to buy cows and make an income from fresh milk! Read More