Help us provide vital breastmilk for sick and premature babies
$ 25.00

Breastmilk helps sick and premature babies get the best possible start in life. Studies indicate that premature babies fed breastmilk have fewer episodes of necrotising enterocolities (NEC), diarrhoea, UTIs and a reduced need for antibiotic therapy. 

However, in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) setting, mothers cannot be with their babies 24/7. The distance, separation and the anxiety that mothers experience often have a negative impact on milk production and maintaining adequate volumes.

Mercy Health Breastmilk Bank is Victoria's first breastmilk bank, providing sick and premature babies with access to vital donated breastmilk when their own mother is having difficulty with supply.

Recently, the Bank has expanded into a statewide service by collaborating with The Royal Women's Hospital, Monash Children's Hospital and the Royal Children's Hospital to establish Breastmilk Bank satellite sites. 

Pasteurised donor breastmilk is a very precious resource. Your donation will help us provide sick and premature babies with the best possible start to life.

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