Adopt a turtle - one-off gift
$ 180.00

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift? Help save our turtles.

A turtle adoption makes the perfect gift for an animal lover and it's available here through your workplace giving program!

Set up a monthly donation of at least $20, or a one-off donation of at least $180. Then email to tell us the address where you would like your adoption pack sent. As soon as your donation is visible to us in Good Company we will send the adoption pack - directly to you or to your gift recipient.

Please note that this page is for people donating throuh workplace giving. If you are donating directly with your personal credit card please set up your adoption at  

Your special adoption gift pack includes a fact book, adoption certificate, Living Planet magazine and WWF sticker. And you could receive a cuddly turtle plush toy - see details at the bottom of this page.

You’ll also receive regular updates on how your generous donations are helping to conserve and protect our oceans and the turtles that live there.

Australia is lucky enough to support the largest remaining green and hawksbill turtle breeding populations in the world, off the northern Great Barrier Reef.

But every day, turtles are threatened by pollution, lose their nesting beaches to coastal developments, face accidental capture by commercial fishing, and are traded illegally for their shells.

There’s also the deadly legacy left by plastic, with 8 million tonnes that enter our oceans every year, choking and smothering turtles and other sea creatures.

Adopting a turtle today will protect this vulnerable species by helping to repopulate and restore their watery habitats for generations to come. Your generosity will be a symbol of your support for conversation and animal advocacy, ensuring our magnificent turtles remain in our waters forever.

And for every turtle you assist, you'll also help other marine life as well as teaching younger generations about the importance of conservation.

How your donation helps at-risk turtles

By adopting a turtle today, you ensure their survival by protecting, and restoring their beautiful habitats. It also provides a brighter future not only for turtles but all those who call their marine ecosystem home.

We can’t protect turtles without you

When you adopt a turtle, we want you to join them on their journey to a safer future.

Cuddly turtle plush toy

Claim your cuddly turtle plush toy! For tax reasons we are not permitted to give you the toy in return for a tax-deductible donation, but there are 2 ways we can make this work for you:

1. If your employer has signed up to support our turtle adoption program, you will receive the toy with your adoption. You can email us on to check.


2. You can buy the turtle toy for $15. This $15 will not be a tax deductible donation and this option is only available as part of this adoption package. Please email us on and we will arrange this for you.

Or Donate Amount of Your Choice