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Yellow Ladybugs is committed to being part of the growing conversation around the specific challenges and support needs of autistic girls and women. We recognise that many autistic women have spent most of their life wearing a mask and that it can be difficult for them to be believed when they speak of their experience. As an autistic-led organisation, we are committed to listening to all autistic women and amplifying their voices. We are working to address the barriers faced by autistic females, including access to affordable diagnosis and support services, the lack of inclusion in schooling and employment, and the cultural and societal barriers to understanding that girls and women can be autistic too.Yellow Ladybugs also actively celebrates the diversity within the female autistic community. We recognise that this community is as diverse as any grouping of humans – autistic women have a range of different views and lived experiences. Some have found their place in life, while others have struggled with a lifetime of exclusion and not fitting in. We take a respectful stance towards differing views, experiences and opinions, as these perspectives all serve to enrich our understanding of what it is to be autistic and female.Our overarching objective is to shine a positive light on all autistic females, and to focus on constructive solutions to meeting the needs of the our community. We know that when autistic girls and women have their needs met, and are properly accommodated, they can thrive. We also know that when they find their tribe, autistic girls and women can start to feel connected and valued, which can make a profound difference to their sense of wellbeing. This is the society we strive for.

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