HealthLAB: Tackling chronic disease through hands on education - AUD $100

Menzies School of Health Research

HealthLAB: Tackling chronic disease through hands on education

The habits we form from childhood make no small difference, but rather they make all the difference.  Aristotle

Chronic disease is Australia’s leading cause of illness, disability and  death. This is a preventable tragedy for all Australians, but particularly, and acutely, for Indigenous Australians.

The disproportionate rate at which Indigenous Australians bear the burden of chronic disease sits at the heart of the gap in Indigenous and non-Indigenous life expectancy. But if we can stop chronic disease from taking hold among today’s Indigenous youth, we can solve this, in a generation. In this context, getting to this group, and getting our message heard is critical, urgent work.  

HealthLAB is an interactive and educational experience in a mobile pop-up laboratory showing participants the workings of their body and measuring their own biomedical risk factors for chronic diseases. It aims to help the community make positive lifestyle choices for good health. There is a series of hands-on work stations where participants can assess their own health and have direct exposure to how the body works using modern technology supporting actionable health messages.

This is an innovative project to translate research into action and improved health. Because some of the young people we most need to reach live in Australia’s most far-flung places, we take our trailblazing HealthLAB on the road.

Your support will enable us to reach more communities, spreading our message of life long health to more people.