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Neuroblastoma Australia

You can help us find a cure

Neuroblastoma is the leading cause of death of children under five from cancer. 

Every child deserves the chance to grow up. Currently only half of the babies and toddlers diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma will survive. A third of the survivors will have long term side affects from their actual treatments.

We don't need a miracle; just more research into better treatments for this devastating childhood cancer. 

Research is key in making progress to get a cure for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Unfortunately children come second in the world of research compared to adults. Only 7% of Government cancer research funding goes to childhood cancers with the rest going to adult cancer. Progress could be made more quickly with more funding and survival rates can change. 

Better. safer treatments for children affected by neuroblastoma is at the very top of our wish list and you can help us get there. Please make a donation today.

Thank you.

Lucy Jones

President Neuroblastoma Australia