Ardoch Youth Foundation

Ardoch Youth Foundation is a charity that provides education support for children and young people in disadvantaged communities

Ardoch has provided education support to children and young people in disadvantaged communities for over 25 years. The work of Ardoch began in 1988 with founder Kathy Hilton OAM’s determination to see a 17-year-old girl experiencing homelessness stay at school and complete her education. Since then, Ardoch has helped thousands of children and young people to stay at school, receive a helping hand with their education and have access to more choices and opportunities in life. 

Our primary objective is to build the capacity of schools, early years services and communities to deliver targeted programs that will improve learning and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people in areas of high need and enable them to access learning, stay in school and reach their full potential.Ardoch works with thousands of children and young people in schools and early years services in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. Every child’s and young person’s potential is realised through full participation in education. As outlined in Ardoch's theory of change, our mission is to:

  • form long-term partnerships with schools and early years services in disadvantaged communities

  • develop and deliver innovative learning and wellbeing programs based on data and evidence

  • mobilise volunteers to support children’s learning

  • partner with organisations to build a network of support for schools and early years services

  • advocate for policy change and funding to reduce inequity in education 

 Fundraising activities that promote access to education for vulnerable children can be a fun and rewarding way for you, your organisation, business, school or community to make a difference.We can help you to realise your ideas and raise much-needed funds for Ardoch's work. 

Choose initiatives that are achievable, enjoyable and will appeal to the interests of your family, colleagues, friends or community.

Ideas might include:

  • Asking for or making donations in lieu of gifts for a wedding, birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah

  • Organising a trivia or bingo night and donating the ticket cost

  • Holding a client event - golf day, pie night, lunch or breakfast

  • Getting sponsored by family, friends and colleagues to participate in a personal or sporting challenge

  • Coordinating a workplace or school sporting event eg managers vs staff, or teachers vs students

  • Having a supplier night, ask your suppliers to donate items to raffle

  • Holding a competition

  • Hosting a party

  • Organising a ‘spare change’ collection

Download the Ardoch Fundraising Toolkit here