Nikita Tasi - Three Peaks Challenge 2016

Whitelion Three Peaks Challenge 2016

Nikita Tasi - Three Peaks Challenge 2016

You all know I love my fitness and challenging myself so here goes... I am participating in the 'Whitelion Three Peaks Challenge' in March 2016.

I'll have 3 of Australia's highest peak mountains to climb within 33hours! A total of 52 kilometers treking the mountains; Mt Tennant (ACT), Mt Kosciusko (NSW) & Mt Bogong (NSW).

Apart from being a fitness lover and wanting to challenge myself with new things a large part of this challenge is to raise funds and awareness to the Whitelion Charity. Whitelion are a non for profit organisation who provide mentoring, employment and education programs in order to improve the social and economic capabilities of some of Australia's most vulnerable young people. By providing these opportunities, community connections and positive relationships, Whitelion empowers and inspires young people to make more positive choices in their lives.


Total Donation
Angus Johnson Well done Nikita 19 Mar 2016 $100 $0 $100
Alix Hill Can't believe you are doing this you crazy lady!! I am in awe of and inspired by you all at the same time! Take care and have fun!! Alix & L-Jeezy xox 17 Mar 2016 $30 $0 $30
Bloggers United Au Bloggers United AU Raffle 17 Mar 2016 $60 $0 $60
Pkl Recruitment Dear Nikita, From the entire team at PKL Recruitment, we would like to extend our support for such a great cause! You are an inspiration! 15 Mar 2016 $100 $0 $100
Lauren Farr BBQ Fundraising from the Gauge staff!! See you on the hills. 02 Mar 2016 $600 $0 $600
Sharina Shahmann A great organisation and a great effort! 27 Feb 2016 $30 $0 $30
Roger Antochi Money received through wrong website, this donation was made by Michelle 25 Feb 2016 $50 $0 $50
Melanie Rowe Dear Nikita your strength and determination is inspiring. Good you for being so crazy to climb 3 Mountains. 23 Feb 2016 $100 $0 $100
Neil Oconnor Good luck Nikita! 23 Feb 2016 $50 $0 $50
George Mariotti Good on you Nikita! More then happy to donate $100 for each peak for this fantastic cause. Best wishes from the team at Davrose Homes and Taylor Morrison. 22 Feb 2016 $300 $0 $300
Sarah O'Brien Go you good thing! 12 Feb 2016 $100 $0 $100
Karen Woo Go Nikita, hope you have the best time! 11 Feb 2016 $30 $0 $30
= $1550